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Metro Charges More For Bulk Product Than Same Packaged Product

One would think that if you were purchasing something in bulk, without the cost of packaging and having to deal with the possibility that other people have already touched the product you’re purchasing, you would get it at a discounted price.  Unfortunately, on a recent trip to Metro I found quite the opposite.


I was shopping at Metro and looking to purchase some Peanut M & M’s.  My first instinct was to grab the following bag off the shelf:

Peanut M&Ms at Metro sold in bags



However, I noticed that right across from me was Metro’s “bulk section”.  Luckily, they were selling Peanut M & M’s!  I was willing to ignore the fact that many people have probably touched all of the M & M’s either while scooping or just snacking, since I was going to save some money…  I was therefore shocked to see that the bulk M & M’s were actually more expensive per 100 g than the packaged ones.


Peanut M&Ms at Metro sold in bulk



I’ve always thought that Metro’s “bulk section” was ridiculously over-priced…  But to be more expensive than the same packaged product found in the same aisle is just ridiculous!


On a side note, if you do want to get cheap Peanut M & M’s that are actually less expensive than the packaged version, Bulk Barn seems to have the lowest price.  However, that’s assuming that they aren’t still stealing from their customers by inaccurately weighing their products.


Peanut M&Ms at Bulk Barn sold in bulk


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  1. Andrew says:

    49g of Peanut M&M @ Dollarama only cost $0.69 = $1.41/100g
    I haven’t been impressed with Bulk Barn’s pricing on this item since discovering the huge 3.5 pound bags sold by Costco. Bulk isn’t the best option for M&Ms.

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