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Wild Wing’s Pricing Structure is a Joke – 2 Pounds More Expensive Than 2 x 1 Pound?

Wild Wing Logo with the Dollar Defender BEWARE Stamp

Recently a Wild Wing opened up about a 2 minute walk from my home.  As I am a very big fan of wings, I thought to myself:  ”This is going to be dangerous!  I’m going to have wings once a week now that they’re so accessible…”  Lucky for me, their ridiculous pricing structure will  prevent me from ever returning.


Being a growing man (mostly just horizontally at this point), I tend to need more than just a pound of wings to be satisfied.  I generally go for two pounds.  As I was browsing the menu, I immediately noticed what must be a mistake in Wild Wing’s pricing structure:


Wild Wing Menu with Stupid Pricing Structure



An order of DOUBLE wings (18 pieces) is more expensive two SINGLE orders (9 pieces).  A double order is $19.99, yet two single orders is $19.98.  Usually pricing is set up to reward the customer that purchases more in a single order.   I asked the server if this was a mistake and was informed that this is how it has always been.


I understand that it’s only a penny, but it’s the principle that bugs me here.  Fortunately, this joke of a pricing structure has caused me to never want to return to Wild Wing.  I will now be able to keep my manly figure and save some money for my upcoming trip to build houses for the poor in Guatemala – more details on this and how you can help to follow.


8 Responses to “Wild Wing’s Pricing Structure is a Joke – 2 Pounds More Expensive Than 2 x 1 Pound?”

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  2. Pablo says:

    I’ve been to several locations and noticed their prices were odd. Usually more wings are cheaper. I will not go back to Wild Wing after I had 2 bad experiences (undercooked wings and another time burnt). The service was always mediocre.

  3. Pablo says:

    I have gone to WW a few times at different locations (usually with friends). I was served burnt wings (by the airport inToront, undercooked (still cold in the centre). Fries that are mediocre at best.

  4. Mike says:

    there wings aren’t even that good……………

    only an idiot would come up with that pricing structure. It provides NO incentive to purchase larger orders of wings.

  5. Li says:

    Wings 101? Looks like they need Economy 101.

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