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Extreme Fitness Teams Up With WagJag To SCAM You – Don’t Be Fooled

Is a gym membership at Extreme Fitness really $174/month?  That’s what WagJag would have you believe…


I’ve always suspected that companies like Groupon and WagJag offer bogus deals and lie about how much of a discount their “online group coupons” offer. It took Extreme Fitness to finally prove it.  Take this WagJag I just came across:

WagJag Extreme Fitness Deal with Dollar Defender BEWARE Stamp


For $24 you get a 2-month membership at Extreme Fitness.  Now, here’s where it gets a bit fishy.  It claims that this 2-month membership is actually a $348 value.  That means that according to this WagJag, the regular rate for an Extreme Fitness membership is $174/month.   That’s just insane!  I used to be a member at Extreme Fitness for years and never paid more than $40/month and I had the best membership you could get.


A few days after I saw this WagJag, I got the following flyer in the mail:  (Have I mentioned how much I HATE junk mail?)


Extreme Fitness Flyer


The fine print states that you can get a 2 month membership for just $6 a month.  That’s even cheaper than the “93 % off WagJag” deal.


I really hope that these online group coupon sites stop lying to their customers about what the actual retail value of the deal they’re purchasing is.  Nice try, WagJag & Extreme Fitness…


6 Responses to “Extreme Fitness Teams Up With WagJag To SCAM You – Don’t Be Fooled”

  1. Andrew says:

    With or without fraud, I am still annoyed that any gym I join results in some sort of multi-year commitment, to the point that if you cancel you owe them for the remaining time. Come on. Just do ethical business: Reasonable monthly fee, no contract, no jacked up admin fees, and never make someone pay for when they are not using the gym. Thank god for YMCA. I love the irony though… there is a gym 1 block away from me, but there is no way in hell I will sign a payment contract for one year and risk it going to a collection agency if I get gym-lazy or switch to another gym. So instead I go out of my way to go to the YMCA, shaking my head as I pass by the closer gym which is where I really want to go.

  2. Theresa says:

    To whom it may concern,
    What your failing to report is the $190 personal training that is offered.
    To those who fail to research the actual deals then how can you make comment.
    I know the worth and ability of this gym and think coming in makes pounds of relevance.
    Extreme fitness has the results!
    Theresa O’Toole
    Senior consultant
    Tree ash Pr

  3. jozef javor says:

    I have no idea why wagjag did not check with extreme fitness about “other” deals, before placing ad on their site.
    Personally I like wagjag – it saved me lots of money already. I especially liked the wine making deal…50% off
    and yes it was 50%!!!
    There were also few other excellent deals which I liked and purchased.
    The bottom line is “buyer beware”!!!! If you like it and are happy – buy it. If you think it is scam do not buy it.
    I think wagjag would have an explanation for Dollar Defender if you asked them.
    Bottom line I like wagjag and most of their offerings.


    • Jozef, I agree that you can get some great deals on WagJag. But I do feel they should be held accountable when they falsely advertise how much of a discount they are offering. They should do just a little bit of research and realize that there’s no way a gym membership at Extreme Fitness is regularly priced at $174/month!

      • Mike says:

        I don’t like these Group Buying sites………..all they offer is laser hair removal and discount tanning and crap………

        I’d have to be blown away to even consider buying something from one of these sites.

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