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General Electric Corrects False Advertising Problem and Indirectly Helps With Humanitarian Effort

About two months ago, I sent a letter to General Electric and to Canadian Tire complaining about false advertising on the packaging of their GE Nighthawk Bulbs.  Canadian Tire sent me an apology letter along with $15 Canadian Tire Money within a couple of weeks.  I had started to lose hope about hearing from General Electric when just a couple of days ago I received a package from them.


Inside was six sets of  GE Nighthawk halogen lights along with an additional GE Nighthawk headlamp:

Stack of GE Nighthawk Lights sent by General Electric - Dollar Defender Approved Stamp


This was definitely more than I was expecting.  These sell for almost $50 each!  The best part is, it looks like they fixed the false advertising problem as well.  The “% brighter light” on the back of the packaging now matches the front:

Back of GE Nighthawk Light - False Advertising Corrected - Dollar Defender APPROVED stamp


You may be asking yourself: “Dollar Defender, what are you going to do with all these lights?”.  Great question!


In May, I will be going to Parramos, Guatemala with a small team to build homes for a few needy families as well as build an extension to the local school.  My team will be running a silent auction to raise money to be able to build more homes as well as raising money for food distribution while down there.  I will therefore be auctioning off these lights to help raise funds!  Click here to find out all about the humanitarian effort in Guatemala.


5 Responses to “General Electric Corrects False Advertising Problem and Indirectly Helps With Humanitarian Effort”

  1. christie says:

    great work! good luck with your upcoming trip!

  2. jozef javor says:

    wow amazing from both GEgenerosity and your humanitary help.

    It seems to be a good cause. Let me know where can I send some money for contributing to Guatemala project. I may scrap few extra DLLARS for Dollar defender.

    Good job and good luck to raise plenty of money for school extention in Guatemala!!!!!!

  3. Li says:

    If the silent auction is in the GTA, can you E-mail me details? If it is for charity, I would like to attend.

  4. Mike says:

    Very noble……I like that you give back to different communities!

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