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The Dollar Defender Needs Your Help – Building Homes and School Expansion For Needy Families in Guatemala

I often get messages making fun of some of the letters/complaints I write to the various companies – especially when they’re concerning matters of pennies.  However, it’s time for me to show you what happens with all the money I save by defending my dollar all the time!


From May 12 – May 19, I will be travelling to Parramos, Guatemala with a team of 10 volunteers.   The purpose of the trip will be to build homes for needy families, build a much needed expansion to the local school, spend some time at the school working with children, and distributing food and other necessities to local villages.  Our goal is to build at least three homes.  However, for every $1,500 raised we can build another home for a needy family!  Here’s a picture of  what one of these homes look like.  This was built for a family in Guatemala by some of the members of our team a few years ago.


House built in Guatemala for needy family for just $1500


In order to help raise funds for the trip down and projects in Guatemala, I will be putting all ad revenue generated from this site towards that.  If you would like to help with any donation, please contact  Tax receipts are available for any donation over $10.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read about this great cause.  Hope you can help out!


Guatemalan girl with blanket


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  1. Hunch? says:

    Way to give back DD. If some of these companies would put half as much effort into charitable causes as they do into scamming us out of our hard earned dollars, I’m sure we could put a sizeable dent into poverty in this world.

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