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Rogers Offers 50 % Off All Value Packs Until April 3, 2012

If you currently have a Rogers Wireless plan, you’re being scammed and overpaying.  Unfortunately, without much competition in Canada you’d be getting equally scammed no matter who you were with.


Rogers offers 50 percent off value packs until April 3, 2012


Therefore, whenever they offer small discounts or price breaks on anything we need to take advantage of them!  That’s why I’d like to bring to your attention an offer from Rogers – 50 % off all value packs until April 3, 2012.  If you have an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android, you likely have a Value Pack associated with your account.  All you need to do is call in and say you’d like to receive 50 % off your Value Pack and voila – you’re still being scammed by Rogers, but by a few dollars less…

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